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Numbers: what Google Analytics and Social Media metrics should I be looking at and what do they mean?

We understand that when it comes to marketing your business, there’s a lot of numbers attached to performance, but what do they all mean? Here’s a guide to some of the key metrics you should be keeping an eye on.


This is one of the main metrics that we get asked about. What does it actually mean? Impressions are the number of times your advert or post has been presented to a user. It can often be confused with people who have viewed your content, but that’s not the case. One user can be served the same advert more than once, and each time they see the advert it’s counted as an impression.


Reach means the number of users who have seen an advert. So if your reach is 100,000 then that’s 100,000 people who have seen your advert.

CTR (click through rate)

This is an important metric in measuring the quality of your ads in terms of the visuals that are served or the keywords you’re using. The CTR calculates the ratio of people seeing an advert and clicking through. The higher the CTR score, the better. We use benchmarking to help us understand if a client’s CTR is on par with their main competitors. This website is a handy tool to see what your industry CTR should be.

CPC (cost per click)

Just like it says, this is how much each click has cost. Unlike the CTR, the lower this cost the better, meaning you’re getting a lot of bang for your buck. Just like the CTR, this website also tells you the benchmark for CPC for your industry.

Bounce rate/Engagement rate

The bounce rate of your website indicates the quality of your website. If your bounce rate is high it means that people aren’t engaging with your site. They’re visiting a page or two and literally bouncing off. Google Analytics 4 has switched its terminology to concentrate on Engagement rate instead of Bounce rate on the main dashboard. Even though it seems like a completely different metric, it’s just the exact opposite of bounce rate. For instance, a 25% bounce rate equals 75% engagement rate.

Being a digital marketing agency means we love analysing data. It gives us the tools to be able to dig deep into an account’s performance and adapt the strategy to suit.

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