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Setting The Table For A Long-Term Digital Strategy

The Brief

Driving 1.5 million in impressions is just one of the incredible results we’ve secured, proving that an effective digital strategy can take a brand like Truffle Tablescapes to the next level.

With an eye for incredible homewares that turn any table into a stunning setting, Kate Fairlie launched Truffle Tablescapes in 2020. Selling across the UK as well as internationally to customers in Germany and USA, Truffle quickly established itself as a sustainable way to purchase timeless tableware and accessories.

The Campaign

Carefully considering the most effective way to reach Truffle’s audience, we formulated a dynamic Pay Per Click (PPC) strategy that includes search, display, shopping and remarketing campaigns. Our approach targets users from all angles, from homeware enthusiasts actively searching for goods to those most likely to engage with Truffle’s offering.

We’ve also elevated Truffle’s Meta Ads strategy by introducing shopping ads, remarketing and lookalike campaigns. Like a lot of small business owners, Kate had dipped her toes into Meta Ads but wasn’t confident in her approach. We’ve worked with Kate to create a strategy that helps push sales and create brand awareness.

Our team has achieved incredible results over the last ten months, including over 1.5 million ad impressions and a 117% Return on ad Spend (ROAS).

Always looking at new ways to reach audiences, our strategy is adapting to include Pinterest Ads. For product and visual first brands, this a platform that has huge potential to reach new markets.


Return on ad spend (ROAS): 117.97%

Almost 1.5 million impressions

An average CPC of £0.09


117.97% Return On Ad Spend