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Continuum Attractions Paid Ads Revamp

Following the successful management of Real Mary King’s Close and York’s Chocolate Story Google Ad Accounts in 2018 and 2019, increasing revenue by 373%, Ginger was appointed to drive the pay per click advertising strategy for the rest of Continuum‘s attractions from July 2020.

After implementing a new strategy and set of campaigns across Oxford Castle & Prison, Spinnaker Tower and GreenWood Family Park, carefully taking into consideration the after effects of the pandemic, we reported a significant increase in revenue as a direct result of our team’s work over the first three months. 

The number of users coming from paid search increased by 41% across all three of the new attractions YoY. In addition, a significant increase in revenue YoY was evident with the attractions seeing the following results.

Campaign Results

Oxford Castle & Prison +696.46% Revenue | +730.06% Transactions

GreenWood Family Park +281.94% Revenue | +356.54% Transactions

Spinnaker Tower +449.78% Revenue | +1,102.26% Transactions


Revenue Increase of 373%