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Crafting The Perfect Social Media Cocktail

The Brief

Wrecking Coast Distillery, known for its famous Cornish clotted cream infused gin, wanted to get involved in the popular “Gin A Day May” social media challenge, created by gin enthusiast and influencer @gin_a_ding_ding. The distillery aimed to boost its brand visibility and engagement on social media while driving traffic to their website. In a competitive gin market, they needed to catch the eye of gin lovers and stand out from the crowd to make the engaging campaign drive results for them.

The Campaign

Our take on the “Gin A Day May” challenge was all about thinking outside the box, as we devised a creative content strategy for each daily theme, injecting that signature Wrecking Coast Distillery personality into every post. Rather than simply participating, we aimed to leave a lasting impression. From celebrating the history and craftsmanship behind the gin to exploring exotic cocktail recipes, we curated a mix of content that really hit home with their target audience, showcasing the diverse possibilities of their gin range.


The “Gin A Day May” campaign yielded impressive results for Wrecking Coast Distillery:

222% Increase in Impressions: The campaign significantly boosted the brand’s visibility, exposing the content to a larger audience.

64% Increase in Engagements: High-quality, interactive posts led to an increase in likes, comments, shares, and saves.

125% Increase in Website Clicks: The creative content and calls-to-action drove a significant number of users to visit the distillery’s website, increasing interest and potential sales.

Wrecking Coast

125% Increase in Website Clicks